McDowell County Bigfoot Sightings - By Area

Ashford/North Cove Location

1989 Howls Reported from onlookers at dusk          Chestoa View Overlook BR Parkway

2009 Howls,Screams,Whoops                                       Bear Den Campground BR Parkway

2010 LG BiPedal Standing in Linville River-Daytime                                            BR Parkway

Crooked Creek

1982 SM unknown under a bridge-Mink eye                                                  Crooked Creek

2018 Long Hairs found on fence-gateway MT                                                 Crooked Creek


1979 LG Bipedal Creature Crossing HWY                                              226 South & HWY 64

2015 Rock Throwing Incident,also yells and howls                                            Tater Tot Dr.

2017 Howls & Screams                                                                                            Tater Tot Dr.


2003 LG animal in woods-bad smell in area                                                         Vein MT Rd.

2017 Class A Sighting-howls and screams                                                221 South,Vein MT

Hankins/North Fork

1986 Wood Knocks and whoops                                                    Cannon Rd. Near railroad

1987 Wood knocks,mvmt of LG creature in woods                LK James Rd. northfork river

2015 LG bipedal creature standing beside rd                            LK James RD,old linville RD

2016 LG bipedal in woods 7 1/2 ft                                                                         LK James RD

2016 Multiple Wood Knocks                                                                                   LK James RD 2016 17" Footprint                                                                                                   LK James RD

2016 16" Footprint                                                                                                   LK James RD

2017 LG bipedal creature spotted and chased 8ft                                             LK James RD

2017 Howl Recorded                                                                                                LK James RD

2017 LG bipedal creature spotted crossing trail                                                 LK James RD

2017 Whistling and howls recorded                                                                      LK James RD

2018 LG bipedal crossing trail                                                                                LK James RD


1980 Wood Knocks                                                                                             Roby Conley RD

1981 Wood knocks and whoops                                                                      Roby Conley RD


1977 Loud screams across lake from island                                        Marion Moose Lodge

2014 Rock throwing incident with fishermen                                            Spillway LK James

Old Fort

2007 LG bipedal creature crosses RD-i 40                                                 Top of Old fort MT

2008 10 minute rock throwing on hikers         RR Tunnels between Old fort & Ridgecrest

2012 LG creature spotted near wood line-daytime                                  Catawba River RD

Pleasant Gardens

1974 Lady chased from woods-kate burnette                                          Mackeys Creek RD

2005 Grunting and lip smacking                                                                    Little Buck Creek

2006 tree throwing and growling                                                                   Little Buck Creek

2008 man reports has family unit behind his house                                          Burnette RD

Sugar Hill/Montford Cove

2016 LG bipedal crossing RD                                                 Old Fort Sugar Hill/Zion Hill RD

2017 LG bipedal crossing RD                                                                                   Mud Cut RD

2017 3 Howls                                                                                                              Mud Cut RD


2007 LG bipedal spotted                                                                Northfork River Woodlawn

2008 screams and wood knocks                                                                   Little Switzerland

2009 LG bipedal creature crossing RD                                             226 & 226A Intersection

2009 chupacabra                                                                                                         Armstrong

2016 17" Footprint                                                                                            Toms Creek Falls

2017 17 1/2 " Footprint                                                                                    Toms Creek Falls

2017 Rock formations found in woods                                                         Toms Creek Falls